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First cut

Transom & Battens

Long Beam & Keel

Sole & Decking

Turning Over




Engine & Electrical

Getting on the Trailer


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Anacapa Trip


Moab 2007


I have found myself in a huge dilemma. I had every intention of building the SEAPUTTER with the hardtop but, I want  to be able to stand at the helm. Though I raised the cabin by 6",  I  will not be able to stand under the hardtop. I still will not have good visibility to see over the bow even if I raised the seat because I raised the cabin. I could also raise the hardtop but it would make the windshield look like a Mack truck. (I built a temporary frame to see what it would look like)  
I am also having a hell of a time making the angles work for the windshield as it slopes back. I have decided to modify the windshield and do it the way I can make work. I am sure that I will regret this because it will not have the same sleek lines as it was designed. I was supposed to fiberglass the entire cabin top but the problems with the windshield threw me off. I installed the windshield first forgetting to fiberglass the top. So, now I am doing it in front of the windshield and later behind it.

Fiber glassing the Cabin Top

Other Side View

Captains Seat Base and Battery Box / Storage

I  installed a permanent 12 gallon gas tank. I didn't want to carry one around. I put a fill  hose through the Cabin Side

Preliminary Test Design Of Passenger Seat Base / Gas Tank Cover

Helm Station & Passenger Glove Box

I Built the helm station (where steering and gauges are) before I got the gauges. Once I got the gauges I realized that I didn't make it large enough to fit all of the gauges in so I had to redo it. (See image below to see what it looked like before)


Helm & Glove box