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ISLAND TRIP          

Anacapa Island is about 14 miles from Channel Islands Harbor. 

We started driving early from Los Angeles to Ventura Harbor. Once we got there it was extremely foggy. At the time that we launched the Seaputter there was only about  25 yards of visibility. This was the first time that I had to use the navigation lights.  The GPS map that came with the Garmin 168 did not have good information about the Harbor. (In it's defense I didn't download the information from the CD yet.)   I had a little bit of a hard time to get out of the Harbor but once out, the GPS worked fine. Due to the water conditions our cruising speed was about 15 Knots. The fog did not let up until we got to the backside of the Island. We explored the south side of the Island for a while & decided to head back. As soon as we came around on on the north side it got kind of rough. There was a 3' - 5' swell with white-caps. We could only do about 8 - 12 knots. 

Looking Through the Fog  









First Mate, Roger


A Large Supertanker in the Fog









A nice cove with kelp on the backside of the Island


Seals Basking in the Sun 

Going Back Through the Fog
(This is a Color Picture)

West End of the Island

Cliffs and Fog Hiding the Lighthouse