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It is Jan. 13, 2002. I bribed a few friends with beer to come and help me turn the boat back over. It's 13 days later than I had scheduled, but, I didn't really expect to get this far at all!

I built a rolling "cart" to hold the boat. This is where it will rest until it is ready to go onto the trailer

The first thing that I realized, when I turned it over, is what an absolute sloppy job I had done on the inside of the hull. I am by no means an expert at epoxy and fiberglass now, but, what I did in the beginning really looks like crap! It will take me several days of sanding to make it somewhat presentable. You live and you learn!

I cut out the cabin bulkhead (front walls of the cabin) and made a major decision. I think that I am going to disregard the plans and raise the cabin by 6". I am too tall to fit in the cabin comfortably. I know that this is a small boat but I would at least like to be able to sit up in the cabin. This will raise the profile of the boat and I'm not sure what consequences this will have with the performance or stability of the boat. The main thing that I am concerned about is that I am a mediocre wood worker at best. The plans will now only serve as a "guide" and not actual plans. From now on, I will have to design all of the rest of the pieces of the puzzle myself.


Cabin Entry Bulkheads extended 6"


Since I increased the sides I had to use an additional sheet of plywood. (The plans show 2 sides out of 1 piece) 

Cabin Side

Cabin Top Frame

A Good Example of the Details from Glen-L Designs

Cabin Looking Forward