The Beginning

First cut

Transom & Battens

Long Beam & Keel

Sole & Decking

Turning Over




Engine & Electrical

Getting on the Trailer


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Anacapa Trip


Moab 2007



I Found a galvanized trailer and a classic 1958 16' Tahiti on it for $200.00. The boat was completely falling apart. Although the thought of restoring it crossed my mind, (I have no space to store it, and my wife would have killed me) I promptly took it the junkyard to donate it. I was surprised that it held together on the ride over. It's is a pretty good trailer. I just need to do a little re-wiring. You can also see here how narrow my driveway is. (The grass is technically my neighbors yard)

Although the boat is all wood, there was no wood showing. I decided to leave the cabin and storage doors natural. 

Cabin Doors

Rear Storage Doors at Transom Bulkhead

Under Seat Battery / Storage

Cabin Interior

Fuel Fill on Cabin Side

Cabin Doors / Steering & Controls

One of the Two Interior Cabin Lights

  Fuse Block Inside  the Cabin Door

Passenger Glove box & Storage

  JVC CD / Receiver  Inside Cabin Doors

 Rear Rope Cleat & Rod Holder


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